All hypergrowth teams run into the same fundamental problems.

Waffling priorities, unclear processes, and shuffling people. It can be discouraging...
Don't worry. We've been there, and we can help.

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The new way hypergrowth teams thrive

We use proven sprint frameworks to help hypergrowth teams become high-performing teams.

Sprints are organized, compressed cycles of work with built-in accountability.

They're all about mechanics and mindset.

Sprints get you velocity...real progress. The kind that gets you unstuck and boosts confidence.

Business leaders hire us to turn team friction into flow.

Past sprints: LinkedIn (launched sales career navigator), Vital Strategies (launched, SoundHound (150K YouTube views). And that's just scratching the surface.

How do sprints help hypergrowth teams?

Strategy Sprints // Plan and align a shared vision

Brand Sprints // Hone strategic branding and campaigns

Research Sprints // Gain insights from real people to discover their needs, goals, and opportunities

Design Sprints // Prototype and validate ideas quickly

Agile Sprints // Operationalize and execute work

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Partners in time

We believe time is precious. Yours and ours. That's why there's no "B-Team" here. You work directly with us and our trusted partners.

We're Charbel (pronounced "SHAR-ble") and Ryan (pronounced "Ryan"). And we love what we do.

Our experiences at Google, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Degreed, Stanford, and BYU, while mentoring at the Stanford, 500 Startups, and General Assembly, means you can trust we walk the walk.

Sprint with us

Friction to Flow

Check out our sprint offerings.

Strategy Sprint

Perfect if your team is stuck and needs clear direction and priorities.

We help you define your objectives, goals, key performance indicators, guiding principles, and clear next actions in this 1 or 2-day sprint. It's the upfront alignment that sets up high-performing teams.

If you've ever asked, "Why are we doing this?" or "How do we know it's working?" or "What are our priorities?", then a Strategy Sprint is what you need.

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Brand Sprint

Perfect if you need a clear and compelling way to communicate.

We help you craft clear, concise, and compelling brand positioning in just 3 hours. Why? Your current messaging leaves customers confused or uninspired. Clarity brings conversions.

It's a proven framework that works for founders, internal teams, and new product launches. In Scopio's case, they closed their biggest sales deal in just two weeks. Pitch your product with confidence.

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Design Sprint

Perfect if you need to validate an idea fast.

We define, sketch, prototype, and validate real business solutions with your cross-functional team in just 4 days. These aren't workshops, fake projects, or endless presentations from consultants.

A design sprint is a proven framework that compresses months of work into days. And because it's focused on solving real business challenges, you'll never pay us for bloated hours or generic advice.

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Agile Sprint

Perfect if your team wants to self-organize and reduce wasted time.

We help you set up, establish, and hone and high performing agile team.

Agile is a set of principles that help teams perform better and faster. This isn't about just adopting the mechanics, but changing your team mindset in a way that reduces time to market and increases productivity and engagement.

We don't do a one-time workshop because that just isn't enough to get the full benefits of an agile mindset. We work with you to set the team up and get them working well. Ongoing coaching and office hours helps your teams take advantage of learning from the many agile teams we ourselves have organized and run.

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We're here to help your team turn friction into flow. It's time we sprint together.

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