The Cost of Waste

Do you know how much the current way you work is costing your team?

Spending time building the wrong thing is the most costly problem for product teams. Do you realize how much it's costing you?

$160,000 / year

* Based on Gartner Research that 30% of IT spend is wasted due to ineffective prioritization

** And our direct experience with waste even at great companies like Google, LinkedIn, Medallia, and Degreed


Team members


Average Salary


Time Wasted

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* $93k is the average salary of a developer in the US (source, and another)

** Benefits are added, accounting for an additional 30% on top of base salary (source)

All the waste

Where does this waste come from?

It's hard to see because it's typically not very visible.

Not doing work upfront

Unclear specs

Didn't get user insights

Lack of clarity about what you want

Didn't validate before you built

Unnecessary steps

Unproductive meetings

Big vs small stories

Too many people on the team

Working on the wrong stories

People Impact

Lost morale

Lower engagement

Burnout from chronic friction

Decreased trust to move forward fast

Business Impact

Time lost for other work

Lost revenue from delay

Silod thinking and strife between departments

Missing deadlines reduces trust

Say hello to flow.

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