Story Sprint: Nail your startup pitch with a clear, concise, compelling story. - Sprintwell

What if you could nail your startup pitch in 9 words?

You can. In Story Sprint, Charbel Simon (startup mentor at 500 Startups and Stanford will guide you step by step to distill your startup pitch to a clear, concise, and compelling story. It's possible within an hour in Story Sprint.

Raising a round? Upcoming sales meeting? Captivate your audience, and capitalize on every opportunity to share your startup story. It's helped 1Huddle, Dumpling, Scopio, Tallyfy, MindTickle, and many more.

What you'll get when you join:

The step-by-step playbook to distill your startup story in 1 hour

Templates and frameworks to nail your pitch in 9 words

The real reason why most founders fail to connect with their audience, and the simple fix you can make instantly

And, how to apply your story to your website to optimize conversions

Plus, you get all this protected by a 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee.

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"Charbel is awesome. He distills complex products and services into beautiful messaging that works! Highly recommended to anyone."


Amit Kothari, CEO at Tallyfy

"We closed our biggest deal in record time because we finally had a shared sales narrative the whole team could use."


Christina Hawatmeh, Co-Founder at Scopio