Product Patterns

One-on-one, in-depth coaching program to develop product managers.

Learn the playbook

Online resources + 1:1 coaching from experience PMs

Run the plays

Practice applying personalized advice each week

Review the tape

Personalized, direct feedback for documents and meetings


We help you master the people side of product.

Product Patterns is a 6-12 week, one-on-one coaching program that helps you go from unsure to unstoppable.

We go beyond telling you information and guide you with advice specific to your team and your product. The goal is to help you get to the next level of confidence, influence, and results.

It’s flexible and personalized to give you the depth and focus you need to get real results as a PM.

Core Topics

These 6 key areas of product management make up the core of the program. An initial assessment allows us to customize the best path forward with you.

- Foundations for successful product management
- The primary role of a PM
- The people side of product — culture, dynamics, influence
- Outcomes vs outputs
- Delivering business results

- Empathy and the customer journey
- Effective interviews — the 3 questions you need to ask
- Research sprints
- How to convert raw information into insights
- Best practices for tracking insights

- Defining a compelling vision and strategy
- Building an initial roadmap — creating and collaborating
- Presenting a roadmap
- Adjusting to change and moving forward
- From Roadmap to Backlog: Defining what’s important, prioritizing stories, and getting input

- Design Thinking
- Building partnerships
- Defining clear metrics and specific user behaviors
- Asking the right questions and challenging assumptions
- Communicating through user stories
- Keeping continual alignment
- Goals & user stories, sprint planning meetings, daily stand-ups, communicating after meetings with executives
- Testing and validating before building
- Wireframes, mockups, and prototypes;
- User Testing: Interviews and 5 second user tests
- MVPs
- The Build Trap

- Agile, Scrum, DevOps, and Kanban
- How to run effective sprints
- Building trust with a dev team
- Feedback, iteration, and definition of Done
- Testing and deployment

- Defining the right metrics up front
- Onboarding
- Engagement
- Marketing and Sales
- Product-Market Fit
- Tracking & analytics
- Measuring Impact

Go from unsure to unstoppable.

Take the next step forward as a leader and influencer.