Pointless Agile - Agile Sprints & Product Management Course

What if you could run Agile sprints without all the bloat?

Guess what… You can. In Pointless Agile, Ryan Seamons (certified scrum master and creator of the first version of LinkedIn Learning) will guide you to simplify agile sprints and product management for your team:

Eliminate story points, document single-page roadmaps, ship with confidence, and more. It's all mapped out, step by step, in Pointless Agile.

No scrum master? No problem. Pointless Agile works for teams small or large — without the need for all the formal Agile roles.

What you'll get when you join:

The comprehensive agile playbook that simplifies product management

Plug-and-play roadmap templates, frameworks, and guides

Mindsets to turn your team from uncertain to unstoppable

Tool and software recommendations that don't break the bank

Plus, you get all this protected by a 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee.

Pointless Agile is currently closed. Join the waitlist here:

"I'm learning things that simply aren't taught in the normal flow of work.
Super helpful!"


Cindy, Product Designer at Ring

"It was rewarding and fun to see the benefits of the coaching so quickly coming to fruition."


Shane,Product Manager at Degreed