Oh, the places we'll go!

Eat your own dog food. Drink your own champagne. Fry your own falafel.

Sprints work. That’s why we use them to build our own tools and side projects too. We're lifelong learners and constantly curious.

And we believe the more you make, the more places you'll go.

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No tremble. We tackle creative fear with sprints.

Made In Public — the Podcast

Made in public is a podcast for people who want to rebuild creative confidence. Charbel shares conversation with fellow makers, creators, and entrepreneurs who want to share insights with their 10-years-ago selves. Meaning, we wish we knew this information when we were just getting started. Listen.

Zooz Cold Brew Coffee Beta

The first and only cold brew cardamom coffee. Incredibly strong Turkish coffee cold-brewed to perfection in micro batches by Charbel’s family. Prototyped for four weeks at the California Ave Palo Alto Farmers Market. Sold out each week.

Biggest Lesson: Create a product people love or hate. Lukewarm customers aren't ideal. We had returning loyal customers every week. Others didn’t like it at all. That's ok.

KamThai — Thai Food Truck Beta

Authentic Bangkok street food. Kamryn, a 9-year-old curious chef, wanted to see how the local community would respond to Thai street food, with hope of launching her own food truck. Prototyped a Children's Entrepreneurship Markets booth, Kamryn sold out of Thai fried pork with sticky rice and massaman curry with jasmine rice.

Biggest Lesson: Cooking food in front of people brought attention and excitement. Also, people love meat on a stick.

Galactic Thread Beta

The only site to see every star wars t-shirt on the internet. 100 Facebook fans in the first week after launch with no marketing. Easily filter and compare shirts from any character, episode, or color. Visit Galactic Thread →

DriveIQ Coming Soon

Autonomous car crash aggregator to inform the public and improve future innovation. Visit drive.iq and follow us @DriveIQ to get notified when we launch.

Simple Cap Rate Calculator Idea

While buying an investment property, we noticed how bad almost every single cap rate calculator was. A cap rate calculator determines the rate of return on your real estate property purchase. We want to make a simple, elegant calculator as a free tool.

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